Finally the day has come. We are all in the plane that will bring us to Dublin, that amazing city, but we cannot believe it. Just when we put our feet onto the Irish ground, we start smiling and giggling for happiness. That is the start of three wonderful weeks of adventure and serenity.

The first days were amazing. We explored Dublin for an entire day shopping or just walking along the streets but then Monday came and we started school. Fortunately, everything was fine; the teachers were awesome and we immediately got on well with them. We did every kind of exercise at school, from writing compositions to speaking role-plays but we never got bored because every lesson was different every day.
In Dublin, we saw a lot of attractions , such as the Guinness Storehouse ,a particular and unusual museum, which amazed us showing the story of the most famous beer in the world.   The wax museum was interesting as well; historical characters and writers were so well-made  that they seemed  to be  alive . Simple and typical places fascinated us though. From small and cosy restaurants to big gothic unknown churches.

Nevertheless, the best part were excursions out of Dublin. We visited Howth and Bray, two beautiful towns by the  sea,  Powerscourt and its gardens in a sunny day that filled our hearts, Glendalough and its waterfalls, the amazing and infinite Trim Castle and the Boyne Valley where we learnt about the ancient Irish history.

But  the thing that we all most appreciated   was the nightlife in Dublin. The atmosphere of full pubs during the evening is something magic because while walking , you can hear the loud music and people’s voices coming from the bars and street artists singing wonderfully in dark alleys. If you look up you see nothing but a black sky darkened by the strong city lights, that  turn off just when everyone is  in his house, but in the end the real show is not in the sky.

We  spent three wonderful weeks together, becoming not only classmates but above all  best friends. We will always remember this unforgettable trip that was useful not just for our education but especially for our life experience.

Three weeks in Dublin seem to be a lot. Actually they aren’t. Every day is different from the others: there is always something new to discover. Making new friends and having new experiences will keep you so close to this city that you want to come back.-Rossella Grasso

Dublin can fill you with beer, its able to delight you with the notes of Bono and his friends, it can relax you thanks to its wide parks. If youre going to visit this city, you will certainly appreciate it and understand that apart from the overcast sky and terrible coffee, theres a city, which is revived after  being captured for centuries. Dublin means  enjoying the taste of liberty and you will be captured by its beauty. This city is magic: it ravishes you and it doesnt let you go away. -Fabiola Masotta

Ireland is known for its religious struggles of a not too distant past, or for the courage that has had to break away from a great kingdom. It is said that Dublin is the capital of beer, green perennial; I personally got to know a bit ‘all aspects of this country and I can say that the people, the reality is so different, and especially my fellow travellers have left a deep mark in me. I believe that this trip was the first stretch indelible a book that he hoped to complete during the course of my life! -FIlomena Riccio

Ireland will always be in my heart for its friendly and hospitable people, that never make  you feel homesick, for its magnificent cultural, architectural and natural beauties, and for the memories of Irish life I will always carry with me. These three weeks allowed me, besides having my first experience abroad, to meet new people and create wonderful human relationships. -Vincenzo Migliore

I loved Dublin. The city is lovely and the Irish people are friendly and always polite. My travelmates  were  fantastic and I spent three wonderful weeks with all of them. One of the most beautiful experiences in my life. -Giuseppe Viscusi

Participating to a school trip abroad has meant to me living an unforgettable experience, getting to know a difference culture, improving my English and comparing myself to a different lifestyle and habits. -Mario Parente

Getting to know different habits, growing up thanks to a trip, spending every single moment with amazing people I had never met before, looking at the Irish sky and feeling at home in a different country: all this was worth of  every effort. -Lucia Carlo

Dublin was my first ever trip abroad. I enjoyed my time there like I never did. I met amazing people, saw wonderful places. I can still smell Dublin in the morning; a mixture of coffee pepper and mashed potatoes. This city will always have a little place in my heart and so the people I shared this experience with. Slàinte. -Marta Cacciapuoti

Although it has been a month since our so wanted departure, we already miss Dublin; we miss it all. Yet its like were still there because in Temple Bars narrow streets, in the walls of the school we attended and in all the roads of the city crossed by the River Liffey, we all left some little piece of us. -Giulia Landolfi

An unforgettable experience that has left the mark thanks to the lovely Irish air and the wonderful friendships created. -Lidia Falbo

Twenty-one days, thousands of emotions. This is Ireland, this is Dublin: beautiful city, beautiful people. I think we spent great time together in Dublin, learning about the Irish culture. We amazed, we studied, we learnt to live together, far from home. It was an extraordinary and useful experience. What else? I dream to come back! -Monica Di Paola

Stefania Caiazza

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